Flyer, poster, bottle packaging and event photography for IDPwD 2013 event


Access Recreation are an independent not-for-profit organisation who have been supporting the disabled community in Rockhampton for 25 years in 2014.  

In December, they where the host for International Day for People With a Disability celebrations at their site in West Rockhampton.

In preparation for the event I was approached to produce promotional materials that would be distributed amongst other support organisations, schools and Government agencies in the area. I was asked to design the "taste of the arts" easel as well as create posters, dates claimer flyers, promotional water bottles and signage for the day of the event.

The results were well received by the client, their patrons and visitors on the day.  Access Recreation General Manager Merrilyn Halsey said that all promotional materials were extremely effective in sparking interest in the community.

I participated on the day of the event by photographing the various activities and attendees in support of the event.