Brand and stationery design for Wakai Waian Healing

All elements feature a light, island-inspired colour scheme.

Owing to a referral from an existing client, I was tasked with establishing a new brand and stationery design for a Rockhampton-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychology and support service, Wakai Waian Healing.

Moving away from obvious design cues, the coconut shoot representing a new start, new life and renewal was used for the logo.  The pair of loggerhead turtles were elements from the start representing support, strength and family.

A sparse design with island colours was selected as an alternative to traditionally darker earthy colours such as ochres and reds.

Wakai Waian's mission: "Acknowledging the unique lived experiences, cultures, customs and traditions of Australia’s people."

Stationery for Access Recreation

Access Recreation are an independent not-for-profit organisation who have been supporting the disabled community in Rockhampton for 25 years in 2014.  

To carry through the vibrant new look of their 25 year anniversary update, letterhead and a series of business cards have been launched.

Logo identifier, poster & program for Children's Champions event

I was recently approached to develop a date claimer poster and logo identifier for a local 2-day event, "Children's Champions - A Community of Practice" to to help get the word out.

The logo and poster were produced at relatively short notice over a weekend, and the final result was well-received by the organisers.

I also was asked to produce the event program.

Children's Champions is community services industry event supported by Angela Richardson and The Smith Family.

Brochure and photography for Access Recreation Inc.

Access Recreation are an independent not-for-profit organisation who have been supporting the disabled community in Rockhampton for 25 years in 2014.  

Access' General Manager Merrilyn Halsey asked me to produce a new-look brochure to celebrate their 25 year anniversary. 

The result is a six-panel DL brochure with a vibrant fresh new look and a colour palette to complement their established logo.  IT displays a specially designed 25-year emblem and new photography featuring their clients and staff, as opposed to using dull stock photography.

The brochure was printed using a premium satin stock comprising 55% recycled paper.

The brochure will be followed up with a range of similarly-styled stationery in 2014.

Flyer, poster, bottle packaging and event photography for IDPwD 2013 event


Access Recreation are an independent not-for-profit organisation who have been supporting the disabled community in Rockhampton for 25 years in 2014.  

In December, they where the host for International Day for People With a Disability celebrations at their site in West Rockhampton.

In preparation for the event I was approached to produce promotional materials that would be distributed amongst other support organisations, schools and Government agencies in the area. I was asked to design the "taste of the arts" easel as well as create posters, dates claimer flyers, promotional water bottles and signage for the day of the event.

The results were well received by the client, their patrons and visitors on the day.  Access Recreation General Manager Merrilyn Halsey said that all promotional materials were extremely effective in sparking interest in the community.

I participated on the day of the event by photographing the various activities and attendees in support of the event.

Branding, stationery, signage and website for LJ's Support Service

LJ's Support Service

Following a referral from an existing client I was approached by Lyneece from LJ's Support Service to create some business cards and a single-page website for her one-person startup.  With some discussion, it was decided that there was a great deal more that could be achieved within the client's budget, while at the same time testing the project as a possible package for similar small business startups.

The project grew to include a logo and branding, a brochure, business cards and a photographic session to capture supporting imagery.  To complete the initial package, a basic Wordpress-based website was created with information and support materials and links to other resources for LJ's existing clients.

From the client's perspective, Lyneece had to transition from being an employee of a large in-home support corporation to going out on her own.  It had the potential of being a self-promotion minefield but I was able to provide advice to develop a plan and allow Lyneece to hit the ground running with not only the basic materials but also a brand to be proud of.