"Nice to meet you.  I'm Aaron."


About me

I'm a creative bloke/husband/father/dachshund-owner with 16+ years in visual communications, photography, web and IT.  I like taking photos, drinking coffee, listening to music, and being Dad to our daughter Charlotte.

As a part-time creative freelancer, these are some of the things that set me apart:

I've enjoyed more than sixteen years in creative and IT-related roles, and have accumulated a wide range of experience in many creative and technical areas. I've been lucky to have worked with many inspiring and demanding (in a good way) professionals who have led me to develop my skills along the way in new areas.  Through serendipitous progression in roles I've had in my working life so far, I've accumulated a considerable degree of marketing knowledge as well as creative and technical ability. Additionally, I've had more than six years experience at a management level within a fast-growing international medical devices company.  I've worked in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, and travelled for work to the United States and Europe.

Yes, I'm a one-man-band, but if the task is outside my expertise I have a network of trusted suppliers and technical specialist contacts to assist to get your project completed.




These are just some of the things I've done for others.  Get in touch to see how I could help with your next project.